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Atlanta Fly Fishing School is the only Trout Unlimited Gold Endorsed School in the U.S.

Atlanta Fly Fishing School

Trout Unlimited Gold Endorsed
Fly Fishing Lessons, Learn to Fly Fish
Atlanta Fly Fishing School - Learn to Fly Fish Atlanta Tennessee Kentucky

We’ve Been Teaching Fly Fishing in Georgia Since 1999

About Atlanta Fly Fishing School

Fly Fishing School In Atlanta

What We Do

Offering a Fly Fishing School, a Fly Casting School, an Advanced Fly Casting School and Private Lessons to meet the needs of all skill levels. Unique in offering half day schools. You will appreciate how affordable our schools are and enjoy the time between schools to master newfound tools and techniques. Whether you desire to take one class or all three, one per season or one per year, we can help you get started or advance your abilities.

“The Easiest Way to Learn Fly Fishing in Beautiful Atlanta Georgia”

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“A refreshing and unique approach to fly-fishing instruction”

“A school designed by fly-fishermen for fly-fishermen…everything you need” to know”

“Quality instruction…Limited to six students per certified instructor”

Atlanta Fly Fishing School
Atlanta Fly Fishing School
Atlanta Fly Fishing School
Atlanta Fly Fishing School
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Fly Fishing School

Fly Fishing School is not only for beginners, but it is the perfect place to start. This five hour school covers everything you need to know to get started from scratch. While attended by many who have never cast a rod, it is equally taken by seasoned fisherman who were self taught and want to brush up on the basics. You’ll enjoy the comfortable, relaxed style of instruction that allows you to learn at your own pace. It makes learning fly-fishing fun.

Atlanta Fly Fishing School

COURSE CONTENT: emphasis is hands on class study with an introduction to casting

History of fishing (introduction)

History of fly-fishing (5 minutes)

Fishes senses as they relate to fishing

Reading the water, where to cast

Anatomy of fly rods and fly reels

Fly line backing; needs, purpose, lb. test

Fly lines, floating, sinking, intermediate

Fly line designs, codes, and purposes

Knots; putting it all together

Accessories; all the gadgets

Equipment; what you do and don't need

Clothing, vests, waders, boots, glasses, tubes, etc

Leaders; lengths, designs, purpose

Tippets; lb. test, the X factor

Entomology; matching the hatch, aquatic insects

Fly selection; cold, warm, fresh, salt, blue water flies

Casting terms; how to cast efficiently

Casting mechanics; physics and principles

Beginning casting; we supply all equipment, state of the art graphite fly rods and the latest fly lines

Fly Fishing School In Atlanta

Fly Casting School

Fly Casting School is grounded in the basics and a perfect place for beginners, yet is a very comprehensive casting class covering 20 specialty casts. The class starts with a class room "chalk talk" on mechanics then it’s out to the water for hands on instruction. Everyone likes our Fly Casting School because it is grounded in the basics yet comprehensive enough to advance anglers of all levels to greater expertise and enjoyment.

COURSE CONTENT: emphasis is on casting with limited classroom study.

Casting Terms, How to Cast Effectively

Casting Mechanics: Physics and Principles

Six Essentials

15 Most Common Casting Errors

Analysis of your casting

Pick-up and lay down cast

Overhead casting in different planes

Loop formation, tight loops, open loops

Controlled timing; varying the pause

False casting; three reasons why

Roll casting; eight reasons why

Sidearm casting, underhand casting

Backhand casting, cross body casting

Belgian cast for weighted flies & lines

Shooting line for distance

Change of direction casting, aerial and on the water

Speed cast

Distance casting; line speed & loop control

Accuracy casting; unrolling a straight leader

Casting with the wind; overcome any wind direction

Slack line casting; pendulum cast, serpentine cast, puddle cast

Mending the line, drag free drifts

Reach mends

Curve mends

Curve casts

Small stream techniques

Hook setting; the lift set and strip set

Playing, fighting, landing fish

Fly Fishing School In Atlanta

Advanced Casting School

The advanced fly casting class is designed to help good casters become much better fly casters

Fly fishermen benefit by becoming better fly casters when they improve their casting accuracy, distance, efficiency, loops and line control. The advanced fly casting class is designed to help good casters become much better fly casters while improving all aspects of their casting ability. This class is not for beginning fly fishermen but is for advanced casters that strive to perfect their cast and improve their ability to cast under adverse conditions.

The course utilizes a digital casting analyzer developed by Dr. Noel Perkins of the University of Michigan and Bruce Richards of Scientific Anglers. It also utilizes dual angle digital photography and unique software for evaluation of casting problems. The class is limited to six students and takes approximately 6 hours of instruction and analysis to complete. The class is administered by FFF certified casting instructors and includes lunch. Students are encouraged to arrive on time and be well rested.

Atlanta Fly Fishing School
Atlanta Fly Fishing School

Your Computer generated casting analysis is captured on digital photography and a digital analyzer...

...And projected on our 10 feet screen for viewing

Atlanta Fly Fishing School
Fly Fishing School In Atlanta

Private Lessons

Whether you are learning to cast for the first time, honing your double-haul skills for a trip to the salt flats, or just want to add other tactical maneuvers to your arsenal, a one-on-one private lesson is the fastest way to improve. Private lessons are typically used for casting instruction with an analysis of your casting by video or digital image, however, we can utilize the time to address any questions you may have. The one-on-one assessment of your casting with professional instruction insures your progress to better casting and presentation.

LESSON CONTENT: emphasis is on casting analysis, improvement, and specialty casts. Private lessons can also be used to review equipment, for a private school, to tune up for an upcoming trip or just to get answers to your questions.

Fly Fishing School In Atlanta

Certified Casting Instructor School

A class designed to help future fly casting instructors. If your goal is to help others learn the art of fly fishing we can show you how. Being good at fly fishing does not make you good at TEACHING fly fishing to others. These are two very different skills. The Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) has an excellent, 2 level, certification program for Certified Casting Instructors and Master Certified Casting Instructors. Our instructors and classes can help you become a better teacher and help prepare you with the skills you will need to take a certification exam.

Fly Fishing Instructors, Lessons, Learning to Fly Cast

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