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I can't remember when I enjoyed my self more!

You have a wonderful thing going on their. I thought I knew something about flyfishing when I pulled up in your driveway, but I can assure you that you covered everything.

Once again I appreciate the level of "caring" that was put into the course.

So many times I have attended "classes" that they were not even close to the caliber that you and your staff presented.

I again thank you, for your hospitality, and kindness during my stay at the ATLANTA FLY FISHING SCHOOL !

Regards Lee....


What a great morning we spent with you Saturday! We are working on our casting and getting better. I have already recommended you to several people.

Thanks again,



I found out that my guy (Ron) has set us up for casting classes with
you on Sat am. I told him that you were the one that helped me out a
couple of months ago. Look forward to seeing you again and getting some
addl. casting help. See you sat. Connie

P.S Caught some red fish in New Orleans last month!!! What a blast! The
guide was quite impressed with my casting (thanks to you).


> I just wanted to thank you for the great instruction given at the TU
> Casting Clinic last Saturday. I can easily say that your instruction
> did more to help me develop my skills than any other class or clinic
> I've every attended.
> I really appreciate your giving of your time and skills.
> Thanks very much!
> Very best regards,
> --
> Dave


Hi--I enjoyed every minute of the fly fishing class today! I can't wait to come to the casting class. The class was absolutely wonderful! Your spirit and personable character made for a enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere. I thought everything about the class was perfect! Thank you for sharing your passion with everyone! It has sparked a desire for me to start fly fishing. My dad and I can't wait to come to the other class and begin fishing with the knowledge taught to us.

Thank you so much!



We attend your casting class this spring. I wanted to learn to roll cast remember??

I CAN ROLL CAST WITH THE BEST!!!!! Even had one of our chapter’s old
timers ask who taught me roll cast? There is your complement. Have not been
hung up in the trees since I left your class.
We just wanted to thank you for the class; it has helped both of us so



I am glad that I took your suggestion and attended the fly fishing class in addition to the casting class. There was a lot of material. Both Mack and Bob were excellent. I also enjoyed the casting class and will tell others about my great experience with both classes.

Best regards,



Scott - I found this class very informative and fast moving with not a moment wasted. Considering my attention span is about 2-1/2 hours, I thought I would have a difficult time with the 5 hours, but there was so much to learn that I was never bored. All the instructors were knowledgeable and easy to understand. I knew nothing about entomology, so that part was the most interesting to me.

I'll definitely tell everyone I know about your school - it was worth every minute and dollar.



I was happy to have the Atlanta Fly-fishing School host my clients. I believe they had a great experience.



Thank you again for including me in your group education and fun at the Atlanta Fly Fishing School Saturday!!

I had a great time getting a refresher course on what I need to know to fly fish and what I haven't mastered as a fly fisherman!!

What a neat place and outstanding instructors…



I DID enjoy my classes at AFFS! I felt like one of the boys and was treated completely equal, much to my delight. Can't say enough about Mack Martin. What a champ. Really encouraged me and made me feel good about my progress between classes. Never condescending nor sexist in his instruction. I hope my beau, Bob, and I can carve out some time to have a private lesson with him soon.

Thanks, Scott. You have a great school and I look forward to working with you all again.

Best regards,



I really did enjoy this class on Saturday.

There was so much to cover in this, I thought it really was a very good introduction.

I understand now or better all of the things I was aware of but just didn't have the correct understanding or experience with yet.

I will practice with what I have now for a while, and later revisit for some more advanced schooling here.

I'm recommending this school also to other acquaintances and see if they might enjoy this also.

Thank you,



Hi Scott.

I took the Fly Fishing School and it was exactly what I was looking for.....knots and lines and leaders and poles and rods and bugs and zingers. Really, really loved it.

I am signed up for the Fly Casting School on May 19 but now I am thinking I might rather do a private lesson.... 4 hour?




Thanks for your follow up message. My son Stephen and I enjoyed the course and had a very good time. There was a lot of great information to absorb. I found the entire course very interesting, well balanced and well taught by individuals that obviously had a passion for the sport and a desire to pass on some of their skills and knowledge to others. I really enjoyed the entire course but maybe a bit more emphasis on some of the items/issues that come up on the questionnaire later would help some of us better grasp the important tips about fly fishing. Having said all that I think the $125 fee was a very good rate for an enjoyable, interesting, educating time. The instructors were all very helpful and pleasant and it seemed to me that you had a very well satisfied class.

Thank you,



My fly fishing school was a great experience, fun and informative. Mack Martin, Bob Foster and Jim Harpole really know their stuff and were good instructors both in the classroom and on the pond.



I think I mentioned that I was going to Patagonia when I took your fly fishing classes. Well, I was able to find a "guide" and break away from my tour group for a day. I was able to get around 3 hours fishing on the north side of Lago del Desierto in Argentina .

After catching four nice browns, I have to say I'm hooked. I'm already thinking about the next trip. It will be more fly-fishing oriented though.

Thanks for all the great instruction!



A quick note to let you know our recent trip to the Bahamas went very well. And, the Shrimp Scampi stole the show. A fellow staying at our lodge commented one night about how many refusals he was getting. I mentioned I had not had any. I did miss several fish but, it was because of my own faults and not because of the fly. I gave him a few and he had success the rest of the week. Thanks for that tip...it went a LONG way. The speed cast was also a great lesson learned. Thank you for that too.


I just wanted to drop you a note with feed-back on Saturday's casting

Short edition: Rave Review.

Longer edition:
1) It was great! Well organized, excellent instructors. I can not
say enough good things about Scott in particular. I feel I learned more
that morning than on any previous occasion. Robert and Rex were very
skilled at instruction as well.
2) The availability of one-on-one instruction from three different
instructors was great. They were consistent in what they had to tell
you but each has his own style of showing you. Very helpful.
3) Fantastic value

Let's please do this again next year.

Thanks to you and Matt and everyone else that help organize this and a
special thanks to the instructors that gave their time and talent.

Best regards,



Just back from my trip. Would like to tell you I cast perfectly with stylish loops and a well-executed double haul to land the world record . . . but,

my casting was less than perfect and I still caught some nice fish . . .

largest was landed with Scott's coaching and ran out 150++ yds. of backing three times (5 total runs) . . . caught him in a major mud that Scott spotting while polling! What a rush . . .

Couldn't have done it without your help . . . but need to keep practicing b/c I have a sore shoulder . . . expect my 5 wt. to feel like a feather on the river this week!!

Thanks for the awesome instruction and information . . .



I had a great time and learned some new casts as well. I thought Mack and his crew did a great job.
The program seemed well organized and covered a lot of territory, yet there was time for individual instruction as well.
Thank you for making the certificate available to our TU chapter banquet. I will certainly
recommend your school to anyone wanting to learn to flycast.



I thoroughly enjoyed the class with Mac and Brian and learned a great deal. I'm even performing these casts lefthanded now rather than having to resort to across the body casts in certain situations. Wow. The double hauling and shooting line is still weak but I'll get there and probably take a private lesson to shore that up around the end of the summer sometime. Thanks again and it was very well worth it.



Hey. Great session from Mac and Brian. Learned a great deal and am
even doing everything (except shooting line and doublehauling)
lefthanded! Well worth the $ and I'll certainly advertise for you....



Mandy and I had a great time and learned a lot.

Excellent instruction!




The school was fantastic! I learned so much and feel like I will be a much more competent angler on the trout stream and on the flats! My new bride was definitely ready for me to shut up about the school after talking about it most of the day Saturday, though!

So, now I just have to practice a lot, then schedule some lesson time with Mack to make sure I'm on the right track to attaining that FFF certification.

Thanks again for allowing me to attend. It was top-notch! I got a good laugh out of the DelMonte corn promo on the video, as well!



> Kelly and I went to the casting class this past
> weekend. It was awesome. It is exactly what we
> needed to work on our technique and learn pratical
> casts. We are looking forward to attending the fly
> fishing class in the spring. Thanks for a great
> experience.
> -Rick


My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Fly Casting class. As a result, Charlotte was immediately productive in her fly delivery. With her newly found technique, her fishing experience in Helen was outstanding. She is so pleased she attended.

I, too, learned much from the class. I fine-tuned my 3 wt delivery and technique. And now have a second way of setting the hook after a strike.



I enjoyed the class very much! I had to leave my house at 3:30am to get to the school by 8:00 , but it was well worth the trip. I really enjoyed the class, Jim Harpole and Mack Martin did a fine job. I am not a beginner fly caster and they separated the group of 5 so that each person was given personal attention. I will continue to practice daily and may be interested in private lessons sometime in the future as my goal is to become FFF certified one day. Thanks for all the help and the speedy e-mail replies. I would recommend the Atlanta fly casting school to everyone.

Sincerely, Eddie


Thanks for the follow up. I was very satisfied with the school – it was a good balance of classroom education and hands-on instruction. Mack and Jim were excellent. We covered a lot in the 4 hours – really got our money’s worth. I attended the fly fishing school recently and was also impressed. I have told others about both. I really have no ideas for improvement – unusual for me.

I hope to give my son some real competition on our next trip – he is an avid fly fisherman.

Thanks for the quality programs.



Good afternoon!

I wanted to say how GREAT the class was. I attended the Saturday morning May 27th Fly Casting Class. The instructors were not only very informed and interested in seeing success, but they made the class enjoyable. I learned a lot of good information and went out Monday to test my new found skills. To much success I was able to cast as wanted with much improved accuracy, and distance and even better caught a handful of trout near Lake Lanier damn.

My compliments and appreciation to you and your team!




Thank you for everything on Sat. Melissa and I both thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. We found it both insightful and informative. The curriculum and instruction was exactly what we were looking for as true beginners.

Unfortunately Melissa and I are going to be out of town this weekend and unable to take the casting class but please keep us up-to-date with the 2006 class schedule. Thanks again for everything, you all have a great thing going and I'll make sure to pass the word along to any friends that are interested.



I had a great lesson with Mack Martin this past Saturday. He helped me with my double haul and pointed out some problems with my back cast. Casting at targets was helpful (I can cast farther than I thought!) Seeing myself cast on video was also VERY informative. Now I just have to practice what I learned!

Thanks again for your excellent school. I’ll continue recommending it to my friends.



Message: A big thanks to Scott Swartz of Atlanta Fly Fishing School for a very memorable and informative lesson on fly fishing.

Anyone even mildly interested in fly fishing should drop Scott an email and take the class. I learned more about fly fishing in 5 hours than I have from all other sources combined.



Y'all get HIGH recommendations (as far as I'm concerned). Have already told a few folks about your operation, so you'll eventually pick up a few students.

Have already practiced some more, and hope to get some "practical" experience later on this summer. My instincts are telling me just a little bit of success will surely turn this pursuit into an addiction.

Hope to continue this later on!



> I just wanted to thank you guys for the terrific experience I had this
> weekend at the school. I really enjoyed the class and found the course
> material to be exactly what I was hoping for. Both of you do an excellent
> job of making students feel comfortable and encouraged that they are
> progress. I look forward to casting with ya'll again either at the school
> or on the river in the near future. Thanks again for a great time!
> Tom


Hey Scott, thanks for the great time this last weekend. I had allot of fun
> and felt like a natural with the exception of some sore muscles that
> responded accordingly. I look foward to seeing you at the AFFC meeting in
> December. I hope we can wet some line togeather some time, as a matter of
> fact if you have patience for a newbe and a free day let me know. I am
> flexable and can go almost anytime. Thanks again and stay in touch.
> Regards Tim


> I would like to take a moment and thank you for a great class. There are allot of other classes out in the market for less; but your class is a true example of you get what you pay for. Thanks for a great day !! Looking forward to Saturdays casting class and also being in a little better state.

It is tough when you get older,



> I had a wonderful time attending your fly fishing class last week and
> like to see if you have room for me in your October 25th casting class.
> Please let me know.
> Thank you,
> Stuart


After about 2+ years of watching videos and reading books trying to learn how to improve my casting, I decided to head over to Atl. Fly Fishing School this weekend and get some instruction. WOW, what a great experience that was! I saw some definite improvement while I was there but more importantly I learned the fundamentals so when things go wrong, I should be able to better figure out why. Scott Swartz and Rex Gudgel were our instructors. I cannot recommend this place enough if you're inclined to improve your casting. I feel real good about the money I spent and just wanted to thank them by telling ya'll about my experience at the school. BTW this post was not solicted or endorsed by anyone but me. Great time and a great school... Thanks Scott and Rex!!!!

> > Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your
> > beginner's course. It was just what I was looking for
> > in a beginning fly fishing course. Rex, Mack and
> > yourself were excellent instructors. I now understand
> > the basics...will continue practicing my casting...and
> > be back for one of your casting courses.
> >
> > Thanks again!
> >
> > Bill


Rodney & I took your March beginning fly fishing class, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It gave both of us a great deal more confidence when we go out to fish now. I actually went out the next week and was able to put my knots as well as my casting to work without a guide! For someone who had only been fishing twice before, that was a reel (sp ;-) ) accomplishment. Thanks again and I'm sure we will see you in the future.



Just wanted to thank you for getting me totally addicted to this sport. I've gotten out every weekend I've been in town since the classes and I've even set my Tivo to record Trout Unlimited TV on OLN. Fly fishing truly is a unique experience. It's relaxing and very fun. I'd love to tell you about "the big one" I caught, but unfortunately my one bite snapped my line as quick as the fly hit the water. But I'll be back out there this weekend trying to get my revenge (and my fly) ;-) Even with the lost flies I'm still having tons of fun. Anyway, I've been assigned to the Upper Chatahoochie chapter of TU so maybe I'll see you at a meeting one day and be able to give you a "real" success story.

thanks again



Just a brief note to thank you for the lesson this morning.

I believe Jillian and I learned more in two and a half hours with you than we could ever have picked up from well meaning friends.

We will be back in Greece soon and once we have hunted down some good fishing spots will put it all to the test. Will let you know how we get on.

Cant go without saying what a really beautiful location.

Thanks again for sharing your time and knowledge with us

Best wishes

Mike and Jillian


I suspect Timmerly will be coming to you for the October 23rd class. She was on your website this morning. She will be a quick study (she is an engineer) and is a wonderful person (and a believer). Hopefully, when she has taken your class, she will begin enjoying the sport we already love.

As an aside, Becky mentioned to me that she can see Christ in you (something which I saw when we first met). I cannot imagine a more wonderful compliment anyone could ever give.

Grace and peace (and tight lines),



One of the most organized and professional courses offered...Scott has assembled the finest group of certified and knowledgeable instructors, he provides students with comprehensive class notes, and his classes are held in a comfortable and very functional setting....all for less than half of what you would pay elsewhere."



Thank you for one of the most wonderful afternoons of 2002 - I look forward to another lesson in the spring and to that first trout on a fly rod.

All the best -



This was the best; I hope that the fish show the proper respect for my newly found casting ability! You guys are the best and we will freely recommend you to those interested in taking up fly fishing or improving their skills! Tim


On behalf of my fellow Fall Line Fly Anglers, thanks to you, Rex, and Robert for the excellent treatment and instruction that you all gave us on Saturday. The class was first-rate and I will definitely recommend it to others. I came away with a better understanding of why the fly line behaves the way that it does and what I need to do to make corrections when it doesn't.



We enjoyed Saturday and were very please and impressed with how you all conducted the session!

We plan on seeing you all again, hopefully soon!!

Thanks again,



Subject: RE: Gift Certificate


She reported that she enjoyed the experience and saw immediate results. What more could one ask for?




I am sorry I never emailed you to tell you that I caught 4 rainbow trout
in the catch and release area of the Nantahala River in NC last May!!!! I was
so thrilled. I can't wait to return this spring. Hopefully, I will remember all you taught
me....I'll need to review my notes. I certainly is fun when you catch
something. It took me a little time to get the idea to snag the line so
the fish wouldn't get off. It all happens so quickly!
Hope I have good luck in '03!



I really enjoyed your class. There is nothing I would change and everytime I practice the casts I get better. Thank you a whole lot. I am signing up the class on the 19th and can't wait. I'll see you soon.



Your time on the water is precious and possessing the skills to consistently present a fly in the "strike zone" is essential. Scott's tuition will help you to cut a few corners no matter your skill level. Seize the day at the Atlanta Fly Fishing School .



Just wanted to give you an update. Went trout fishing at Waters creek last
weekend and caught four fish however one jumped off the barbless hook.
Thanks so much for the instruction I used almost everything you taught me.
What a BLAST!!!!!!!!!
> I asked Ron (my guy) if I was official now and he said that I definitely
was since I caught more fish than he did. :}
> I practice my casting on a regular basis and it definitely is working for
me now! Ron noticed the improvement in my casting immediately and was quite
impressed. It looks like we will be taking our vacation the second weekend
in May up in North Georgia at a fantastic trout stream cant wait. Will get
ahold of you maybe in June to get more training.
> Thanks again. :}
> Connie

P.S pretending you were a fish on my line really helped when they did


Just a note to let you know how much Richard and I enjoyed our fly fishing lesson. Richard has been practicing and I hope to get a rod soon to do the same. If you ever need a reference from a rank beginner, please feel free. And, if you ever need an attorney, it might be fun to barter.

Best regards.



> i have really enjoyed the classes at your school and i want to thank you
> and rex for all the help and encouragement. i am looking forward to using
> my new skills this week, weather permitting. i am planning on scheduling
> another class ( casting) in your school before i tackle a steelhead later
> in the summer, and i will contact you on any equipment i might need.
> please do not forget to tell rex ..."thanks for his help and instruction"
> ..and i will contact him personally.
> your school ...and you have an excellent reputation and your instruction
is> known by everyone i have met so far.

> hopefully i can keep my waders dry..on the inside..and catch some fish.
> when i do ..i am sending you a note.
> thanks for all your help..
> ben



It's easy for me to recommend your school - I've had your training! You are the first, and so far only, person to show me a way to teach myself the double haul. Now, if I would go out and practice it, I might get it down. BECK


> Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your
> beginner's course. It was just what I was looking for
> in a beginning fly fishing course. Rex, Mack and
> yourself were excellent instructors. I now understand
> the basics...will continue practicing my casting...and
> be back for one of your casting courses.
> Thanks again!
> Bill


Cathy came home this afternoon after being involved in your Beginner's Fly-Fishing class and she really enjoyed herself. She has a greater appreciation for why I enjoy the sport and I'm looking forward to taking her on my next outing. As soon as our son heals from his elbow surgery, we will no doubt re-enroll him in your class.



Just wanted to say thank you again for a great lesson. I am looking forward
to a little practice and then the casting school.

Have a great day.



Scott - I just talked w/Steve Little who took your Beginner Fly Casting
> School on Saturday and he was totally satisfied with the experience.
Steve is a project manager for a general contractor that we do alot of work for
> and I had given him gift certificates for your two classes. Sounds like
> guys do a quality job and now I know where to send any budding fly
> that I cross paths with in the future. Someday maybe I'll book you and
> if you can work the kinks out of an old trout fisherman's casting stroke.
> Thanks - Bob


I attended the school on Friday and Mack worked with me Sunday afternoon. I love your concept that allows for individualization. Mack worked a small miracle; he was very patient and understanding. Most men are not. I am very interested in the Canada trip. Mack showed me the CD, and I would love to go. Thanks, Deborah


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