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Atlanta Fly Fishing School is the only Trout Unlimited Gold Endorsed School in the U.S.

Atlanta Fly Fishing School

Trout Unlimited Gold Endorsed
Fly Fishing Lessons, Learn to Fly Fish
Atlanta Fly Fishing School - Learn to Fly Fish Atlanta Tennessee Kentucky

"Why a school? I can learn (or teach) fly-fishing myself”

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Deciding to learn or teach will raise some questions. Here is a list of those we hear frequently.  Please see our Home menu for our phone and email contact information if you have other questions.

1) Should I take lessons?

I know many terrific anglers who have learned on their own, through trial and error, research, and imitating friends. It works, but it has a downside – IT TAKES FOREVER! Taking lessons from an experienced instructor can give you not only instruction, but also something even more valuable---a method. This is an important ingredient in learning fly-fishing. There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to learn a new skill without an order of events, a game plan, and clear communication. Lessons will take months (if not years) off your learning curve.

2) How long will it take to learn?

Forever. Yes, really. That’s why we continue to improve after we’ve learned how. Learning to fly-fish is a personal evolution. With a beginner class you can learn the basics, which will provide you with the groundwork for a lifetime of learning a skill, what many even call an art.

3) How do I know if I’m ready to take lessons?

With experience, you’ll learn. But how do you get experience if you haven’t learned? This is the catch. We offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. If you want to fly-fish then we can help you. Maybe you don’t own a rod and have never fished, or have been at it all your life and want digital image analysis of your cast with advanced instruction. If you have the desire to learn, we have the plan to help.

4) What kind of rod should I buy?

Listen to your friends, read the reviews, talk to the shop owners, but don’t make the big purchase until you can feel the difference between rods. Can you tell the difference between fast and slow action rods? Do all rods feel alike? Hold off on major purchases until you can tell the subtle difference. In the meantime see if you can borrow a rod or purchase an inexpensive outfit and cast friends rods as often as possible to get a feel for what you personally like in rod actions. When your heart goes pitter-patter, you dream about casting “that” rod, and you are ready to break the bank for a stick of graphite----buy it.

5) Will I have to spend a fortune to get started?

Not at all, but you probably will. You’ll be eagerly chomping at the bit to buy gadgets for your new sport. High quality rods and reels can be pricey …however; you can get started for under $100.00 for your first rod, reel, line, and a couple of flies.

6) How can I get my spouse interested in fly fishing?

If you value your marriage and your sanity, don’t, I repeat, don’t try to teach your spouse to fly fish. Hire a professional who has no pre-existing relationship with him/her and whose future is not dependent on one. If you want to get your spouse, or kids, into fly-fishing, show them a good time. It’s that simple. If your spouse snaps off all your good flies and your kids tie “wind knots” in your favorite fly line, you can’t yell at them. That’s the first rule. Keep smiling, keep it fun, and keep it simple by fishing in small sessions in wide-open spaces.

7) How can I give a fly fishing school as a gift?

Contact us! We’ll mail you a handsome gift certificate, with the name of the person and the class. The class date is their choice, and they schedule by calling us at the number on the certificate. Gift giving made easy!

8) Why do you have half day schools?

Fly-fishing cannot be learned in a half-day. Neither can it be learned in a two-day, or even a weeklong school. Unless you just need a get away, why spend the extra time, and hotel / meal expense to learn fly-fishing? Our concept is simple; have affordable classes that cover everything you need to know to get started---without overload. Go out and practice the basics, then come back when you want to advance. Our fly fishing class covers fly-fishing need-to-knows with an introduction to casting, while our fly casting class covers casting improvement, accuracy, distance, and special situation casting.

9) Do you offer private lessons?

Absolutely. While our schools offer the most affordable way to learn and are limited to six students per instructor, we do offer private lessons. For those who just can’t wait for the next class, or simply want one-on-one instruction, we will arrange for your private lesson.

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